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A Quick Overview about Three Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Do you live in the Los Angeles areas and have issues with your garage door opener? If yes, then look no further than GD4Less. Leveraging on its experience of this domain, GD4Less is ready to meet all of your garage door repair needs. In this blog, we will briefly discuss some of the common problems in the garage door openers and their possible solutions provided by GD4Less.

Problem number 1: Neither remote control nor wall switch operates the garage door opener

Solution 1:

It’s almost certain the power source has been disrupted in some way when the garage door doesn’t budge at all when the remote or wall switch is pressed. GD4Less and its team will begin the garage door opener Repair, Los Angeles, by checking the outlet where the door opener is plugged in. Moreover, they will make sure that the cord is plugged in all the way to check if the opener if working or not.

Solution 2:

If the circuit breaker, fuse or GFCI outlet powering the door opener circuit has tripped or burned out, then the remote control or wall switch will be able to operate the garage door. In such cases, the trained professionals from GD4Less simply reset the breaker or GFCI. Apart from this, they will also replace the burned-out fuse to make the garage door fully functional again.

Solution 3:

The motor of the garage door openers may be burned out and is not operating at all to cause this problem. It will be replaced by the trained professionals from GD4Less using the right equipment and within the promised time frame.

Problem number 2: garage door is not operating with the remote control or wireless keypad

Several possible solutions can be provided by a team of trained professionals from GD4Less.

The battery likely needs replacing in the remote control or keypad if the garage door functions fine with the hardwired wall switch.

The sensitive components in the keypad or remote control can sometimes lose its programming. Repairmen will reprogram the remote control or keypad immediately. You should not try to reset the remote or wall switch yourself as each garage door opener has a slightly different method of reprogramming.

Problem 3: Garage door reverses before hitting the floor

Garage door openers have an adjustment screw that effectively controls the closing force of your garage door while closing. Sometimes the garage door reverses before it even hits the floor. This is often the case when the close-force setting needs adjustment. GD4Less will effectively adjust the close-force setting to resolve this issue.

Damaged or rusted rollers of the garage door can also cause the reversing of the garage door before hitting the floor. Experienced professionals from GD4Less will replace the rollers to prevent this problem. They will also instruct the property owners to make sure the rollers are in good shape. Moreover, they will recommend them to lubricate it regularly to prevent this problem.

To conclude:

GD4Less can repair commercial as well as residential garage door of any brand, make, size, and model. Moreover, they can find even the most obscure parts required to repair any damaged garage door installed at your residential or commercial property.

It’s important to hire an established company like GD4Less for the task when it’s time to buy and install a new garage door at your residential or commercial properties in Los Angeles. They have attained a commendable position in this domain by providing quick and effective garage door sales and installation in Los Angeles at unbeatable prices.

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