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Top 5 Modern Garage Door in Los Angeles CA

You probably have noted more and more residential establishments with stylish modern garage door if you are living in one of the upscale neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California.

These modern doors not only add curb appeal to your residential property in LA but they are also very stylish and appealing in nature. Moreover, they provide your home better security and energy efficiency then traditional garage doors. Majority of modern garage doors are known for their low maintenance.

Available in different materials, colors and styles, these modern doors can fit any budget.  Residents of LA have practically endless varieties to choose from.

Here are some of our best sellers.

Glass Frameless Garage Door:

Frameless Glass Garage Door.jpg

Made from high quality glass and aluminum, the frameless glass garage doors are revolutionizing the Los Angeles custom garage door industry due to their appealing design, sturdy construction and low maintenance. Garage Door & Gate 4 Less is counted as one of the first companies to design, and install these high end contemporary looking custom garage doors.

The modern door consists of usually mirrored or opaque glass panels attached seamlessly to a fully aluminum frame. Available in both standardized and user-defined specifications, these doors are appreciated among its clients for its modern, sleek, and stylish appearance.

Contemporary and modern look of these doors are hard to beat, and will add instant curb appeal once fully installed. Due to appealing design and enhanced durability, these doors have become one of the top ultra-modern garage doors of southern California.

Price: Single size garage door start at $4800 and Double size $7,900

**Price as seen on image $7,950**

Full-View Aluminum Doors













Wanted to completely transform the overall appearance and look of your residential property in LA? If you are nodding your head in agreement, then look no further than full-view aluminum doors.  These doors provide the residents with the unparalleled beauty of natural light during the day and mesmerizing warm glow at night.  Residents of LA and neighbouring areas can choose the right degree of natural light for your home with different glass garage door panel options available at Garage Door & Gate 4 Less.

You will be able to effectively maximize your customization options with full-view aluminum and glass garage doors in LA. Residents will be able to select the right glass, color, and right amount of aluminum when they choose to install full-view aluminum and glass doors from Garage Door & Gate 4 Less.  Five-year warranty on the finish of the garage door and a three year warranty on the hardware are also provided by Garage Door & Gate 4 Less when a resident of LA choose to get full-view aluminum and glass garage doors.

For ensuring optimum durability and sturdiness, these doors are made from commercial grade aluminum frame with many glazing options. Moreover, these materials are durable and are known for their low maintenance.

Keeping the convenience of the end-users in mind, the frames and panels of these doors are available with powder and anodized finishes. For increasing the energy efficiency of your garage, these doors are also available with insulated glass garage doors. Based on your convenience and preferences, you can choose from the wide selection of aluminum door panel colors such as White, Bronze, and Brown. In addition to this, other colors such as anodized, black anodized, bronze anodized and color blast custom color panels are also available for our clients in LA.

Price: Single size garage door start at $2500 and Double size $3,900
**Price as seen on image $4,950**

Full-View Black Aluminum Garage Doors

Modern Wood Garage Doors


Made in the beauty of natural wood, these handcrafted insulated modern doors are appreciated among our clients for their distinctive appearance, elegant look, and seamless finish. The natural beauty of the wood precisely stands out due to the clean lines and simple forms of the garage door.  You can also let our team of highly experienced professionals create a stunning contemporary garage door that blends perfectly with other wooden materials of the exterior of your home in LA.

Price: Single size garage door start at $3,500 and Double size $5,900

**Price as seen on image $10,950**

Modern Steel Garage Doors


Due to their distinctive appearance and impeccable finish, these modern steel garage doors perfectly complement mid-century and contemporary home styles.  Available with or without grooves in multiple paint and wood looking finishes, these doors are available in all the standard sizes and shapes. It creates the perfect look for your home due to their contemporary design.

As per your unique taste and appearance of your home in LA, you can choose from the wide range of options of modern steel doors that are available at Garage Door & Gate 4 Less.  There is a modern door steel just for your perfect home whether your residential property is contemporary, mid-century or somewhere in between. These doors will add curb appeal to your home's exterior due to their contemporary appearance and high durability.

These doors are available in 3, 2 or 1-layer steel and insulation construction options.
Known for enhancing the overall appearance and look of your home in LA, these doors are available in 2" or 1-3/8" Intellicore polyurethane, 2", 1-3/8", and 1-5/16" polystyrene insulation options. It is important to understand that these insulated door R-values of these contemporary and modern garage doors range from 4.4 to 18.4.

The steel skins of these garage doors are protected from corrosion and similar damages by using tough layered coating system. This layer consists of a hot-dipped galvanized layer and baked-on primer and top coat. At Garage Door & Gate 4 Less, we have high quality WINDCODE® reinforcement garage doors available for high wind load applications.
These doors are also available as either a flush or grooved steel panel design. You can choose either of them based on your taste and preferences.  It is important to understand that the steel surface textures vary by model and paint surface.

Keeping the convenience and preferences of our clients in mind, we have more than thirteen factory finish options available, which include wood-look finishes. In addition to this, we have different types of glass and window size options to our clients. These options include insulated, frosted, and long and short designs.
Price: Single size garage door start at $695 and Double size $1,500
**Price as seen on image $2,950**

Infinity - Flush Panel Smooth Steel Garage Door with Horizontal Modern Glass Design

Flush Smooth Steel Garage Door

These modern garage doors are built with high-quality 24-Gauge Steel that is procured from authenticated vendors.  The use of high-grade steel in the construction of these garage doors ensure that they look great and are maintenance-free year after year.  Based on our unique taste and preferences, you can choose the flush panel smooth steel garage door that can be custom-designed in 8 colors. They are Polyurethane insulated with R-Value of 15.07 for withstand harsh winters.

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