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Garage door of tracks Repair


Are you looking for skilled and licensed technicians to repair

your garage door that has come off the track?  If yes, then get in

touch with GarageDoors&Gate4less today.

Our team has developed a thorough repair process that is

precisely designed for pinpointing the reasons why your

garage door is off the track. They are fully trained to fix your

garage door that has come off the track. Our repair work

ensures that your garage door starts to open and closes

properly in a hassle-free manner.

Causes for gate door to come off its track

A garage door installed at your residential or commercial property can

come off the track due to many reasons. Several things can cause a residential or commercial garage door to come off its tracks that include:

1. Broken springs

You may see a lopsided garage door that has fallen off its tracks as a result of broken springs.

2. Closing an object

A garage door may close onto an object under the door and cause damage if electronic eyes are broken or not aligned. Such types of damage can easily knock a door off its tracks.

3. Accidental force

The garage door can force itself off the track when it accidentally hits a lawn tractor or a car.

Our Garage Door Adjustment Process

Our repair process is designed to effectively identify the causes of the problem and make quick and effective repairs.

Careful inspection

Our trained, certified, and experienced technicians will carefully assess and examine the problem and provide the best possible repair solutions.

Repair suggestion

Our qualified technicians can immediately help you out with an off-track garage door by simply putting door back on its tracks using right tools and equipment. Further repair may be needed if there is damage to the tracks, the rollers, the garage door itself.

Replacement suggestions

We need to replace parts or the door itself of your garage system. Our technicians will also clean and lubricate the tracks once the replacement work is completed.

Safety check

We will provide a safety inspection and suggest any other repair or maintenance that should be completed for to keep your door running for a long period of time.

GarageDoors&Gate4less provide emergency and same-day service for your garage door track repair. Call us at 818-997-9998 or 888-389-9406 for more detail.


Garage Door Track Repair Service

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