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Garage Door Drum


Garage door drums essentially hold or balance your garage doors as

it goes up and down. Garage door drums should be replaced by professional

technicians immediately if the drum appears to be wrapped or if there are

signs of damage. Sometimes, the damage is not noticed when you just glance

at your garage door drums. That’s why; your garage door requires a close

inspection at least once per year.

Issues caused by broken or damaged garage door drums

A broken or damaged garage door drum can cause several issues with the

mobility of your garage door, which can prevent your door from moving up

or down smoothly. Unnecessary tension is created between the cables and

torsion springs due to damaged garage drum. It causes your garage door

to slam and fall unexpectedly.  It often means that something is wrong with

the track or that it is time for replacement of garage door drum when nosiness

or vibration is noticed during the opening and closing of the doors.

How garage door drum is replaced?

We offer reliable garage door drum replacement services that you can count on. Our door drum replacement services are second to none in terms of promptness and efficiency.  We follow the below steps to ensure high efficiency:

Step One: Inspection or analysis

Our panel of licensed technicians will carefully examine the garage door drums and cables to determine its faulty components.

Step Two: Repair damaged drum if possible

Our team will quickly fix the problems if the damaged component is repairable.

Step Three: Replacement of the damaged drum

Sometimes, it can be extremely hard to fix the problem as the damage is beyond repair. In such cases, we recommend immediate replacing of the garage door drum with a new one. We make use of state-of-the-art tools to replace the drums within the promised time frame.

Step Four: Testing of replaced components

Once our replacement work is complete, we test your garage door drums for functionality and performance.

Step Five: Cleaning

We clean the place before the replacement job is complete.

Step Six: Recommendations

Your garage door systems should be inspected at least once every year to identify weak, damaged and failing parts easily. In order to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of your garage door systems, it is highly recommended to lubricate your garage doors at regular intervals of time.

Garage Door Drum Replacement

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